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Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
play specifically in the -- think it was the third or 4th quarter when stephen jackson took a third and 12 caught the ball on a check down and, you know, put a little extra effort into it and got the first down you see the entire sideline explode as if it was the 4th quarter of the nfc championship game. you know? so we understand that teams are, you know, putting a little more effort into it when they play us and we have to step up and accept the challenge and we will. >> matt and brandon marshall the go too guys on offense for the bears. eye-popping numbers but you can expect him to carry the load with cutler out. keep your eye out for michael bush another farmer raider in the chicago backfield and san francisco secondary will have to contain marshall 67 catches second in the league third in yards. now, defensively for chicago they have forced 30 turnovers. this used to be the 49ers domain, jeremy but they got too strong cornerbacks and charles dillman is making a opposing offenses could have it up how. >> he comes in there and punches at the ball. he throws a mean upper cut and
Nov 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
:15 this morning at jackson and alum rock. witnesses told police the first car a dark sedan hit the victim and kept going. seconds later a second car hit him. the victim was not walking in the crosswalk and police have not released his identity yet. >>> a session of san francisco's ocean beach blocked off because of a sewage spill. the flow was discovered overnight coming from a manhole cover near the great highway in balboa. it ended up on the sand and the sidewalk. so the section is going to be closed until crews clean up and take water quality tests. traffic is unaffected. >>> black friday shoppers know to expect long lines this weekend but at walmart they may have to deal with picket lines, as well. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo on the black friday backlash and why it's not just workers protesting the big box giant. >>> reporter: these are not walmart workers. they are child care advocates who took the extraordinary step of marching into this oakland walmart to protest the way the company does business. >> they need to be more supportive of the american families and, you know, raise their wag
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2